Monster Galaxy Cheat Engine

Monster Galaxy is something unusual and ambitious for Facebook, an attempt to create a clone of Nintendo’s extraordinarily deep Pokemon RPGs that’s friendly to social gameplay. While there are very few true social mechanics in Monster Galaxy, the game is largely successful at bringing the appeal of monster training and collecting games into something you can play for free on Facebook. The game features 120 distinct monsters to battle and capture, without any of the “spend money if you want this rare monster!” shenanigans you might expect.[like-lock]

If you’ve ever played a Pokemon game, then Monster Galaxy will feel quite familiar. You get a starting monster at the beginning of the game and then use it to capture more. You have to capture monsters by weakening them without actually defeating them. Monster Galaxy offers users an extremely convenient “Capture” bar that fills as your chance of capturing the creature increases. You can click it to see your exact percentile chance of successfully making a catch. Defeating monsters lets you find items, like the Star Seeds you use to catch monsters, and earn experience for all the monsters who participated in the battle.


And exactly here our Monster Galaxy Cheat Engine comes into play. This tool allow us to generate all 4 important Items of interests including Moga Cash !

Below you`ll see the updated user interface(original size)

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How to:

Monster Galaxy Hack

1) Download the File and unzip it

2) Start the Application (make sure you are not logged in to Facebook at this point)

3) choose your browser (upper right corner)

4) enter your Facebook Email & insert the amount of items you wanna generate

5) hit Submit

Now you can log back into Facebook and the Game Monster Galaxy, the items will be charged to your game account !

Enjoy :) [/like-lock]