Bubble Island Hack

The ultimate Bubble Island Hack exploit


This Tool will help you beat all your friends highscores and pass every level without any problem. Even if you decide to play legit (non- hacked) you still could generate Coins and Lives in order to play on. This Hack also includes features like : XP Hack (double Score), Unlimited Mode and it allows us to generate Scores for Levels of our choice. Lets say you wanna beat a particular Level Score of one of your friends, all you gotta do is entering the Level .. and the desired Score into the blanks.

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Below you see the User Interface in Action

Here is a quick tutorial on how to use the Bubble Island Game Trainer ;

1) Download the .rar File and unzip it (use WINrar or WINzip)

2) Start the Application and insert the required Data

3) add the amounts and values you would like to add to your Game Account (remember it will NOT work if you enter FAKE Data)

4) Check or un-Check the features you  would like to run (unlimited Energy is highly recommended)

5) Press the `submit`- button, and wait up to 2 minutes for the items to be generated

6) ENJOY ;)